Day 6~ April 6th~ Congo

it is all in her face

The first thing that gets sacrificed is the trust…

With the innocence of children comes a great trust, the gift of expecting only the best of others towards them because they are not yet capable of processing hypocrisy. War changes the rule of the game. Suddenly children are worried, untrusting, distressed, hungry, and filled with doubt in all the places where innocence used to live.

Sometimes the mental assault is even more destructive than the physical one.

This little refugee girl eventually relaxed and smiled, but not at first and not right away.


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  1. Yes it certainly is all in her face – wonderful portrait, Mimo! Adrian

  2. Mimo, your photographs are always first rate because you are a fine photographer, but have you considered doing a book of children’s photographs? You have a gift of capturing the immediacy, the raw open looks of these kids that is sometimes heart breaking, sometimes full of transcendent joy, yet always real and immediate and compelling. I’ve never seen anything like it and I am always deeply moved when looking at one of these photos of yours. Rarely does the artistic and the real come together like this. The world needs to see these images.

    • Lynn, than you so much for your kind, thoughtful and very encouraging comment! I have considered a book, but I am still working on the how and when. Again, thank you for your kindness!

  3. I love this post and so many others you have written. Which is why you’ve been nominated for an award! By me! Check it out at for details.

  4. Your words and the image are a perfect match.

  5. Excellent capture, Mimo!

  6. Hi,
    So very sad that life has been so difficult for these children.

  7. These children have good reason to be suspicious: life has not been kind to them or their families.


  8. Certainly makes us realise what we easily take for granted. The little girl’s eye speak volumes.

  9. The facial expressions in so many of your photos speak volumes. Thank you for helping to open our eyes.

  10. I agree with Chillbrook @ “I press the like button when I see these posts but that seems so inappropriate”. Well said Chillbrook!

  11. I press the like button when I see these posts but that seems so inappropriate. I like that you are bringing these images to our attention but as Jenny said, they are heartbreaking. It must at times be very difficult to be a documentary photographer. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Really heart breaking 🙁

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