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Day 15~ February 15~ Lebanon


On a few occasions while living in New York and when answering ‘Lebanon’ to the ‘where do you come from?’ question, I was hit with the following questions: “do you have a camel?”, or “how does it feel to live in the desert?”, and my favorite: “wow, I did not know that you were African!”.

Now, I had learned to accept the fact that a few Americans did not find it necessary to get acquainted with the rest of the world, but I was always feeling very strongly about passing on the fact that Lebanon has the most moderately wonderful weather with dozens of sub-climates, more water than any other country in the Middle East, has 12 rivers, and thousands of clear cascading waterfalls from snow capped mountains. It has been named since biblical times the most fertile and lush country in the region.

And I must point out that I only saw my first camel when I travelled out of the desert free Lebanon 🙂

By ~mimo~

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Wonderful, even monumental picture, Mimo, perfect in mono! Yes, and I’ve experienced Americans not knowing about the rest of the world too – we used to find that some of them regarded Africa as one country, such that if trouble occurred anywhere in the continent, it put them off going >>>anywhere in the continent! Ah, halcyon days! Adrian

Beautiful image and excellent commentary. Sadly, too many of we Americans are clueless about world geography and different cultures. Then again, not all as some are knowledgeable and appreciative.

yes, absolutely, it is the very few I speak of, victims of the schooling system I am sure! The greatest majority of my American friends are extremely well educated about the world! Thank you for your comment!

Interesting info on Lebanon. I love learning about your country as you make it very interesting. I agree with Shelia, I knew nothing about your wonderful homeland until reading your blog. I’ve always loved meeting foreigners because I love learning about people and places that you could never imagine. People are so interesting and so diverse yet so alike! 🙂

If you met me I would bore you to death with questions about your homeland especially since you make it so interesting! 🙂

Very interesting image! Awesomely crafted!!!

Did you always have to carry an AK-47?
Kidding! 😀
I always wanted to visit Lebanon and some other countries near it. Perhaps someday…
I know I love the Lebanese food in a restaurant here, but I assume it’s even better in Lebanon.

really neat shot mimo! geography education is something the Americans need more of. To many, Canada is this large, backward land of ice and snow year-round. London is on the same latitude as northern California!

True Sheila and Austria is where the kangaroos live 🙂
But I admit that is a general statement and I have some American friends who are way more Geographically apt than anyone I know!

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