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Day *Three Hundred Sixty Five*, January 22, 2012

it starts and it ends in Shanghai

My project finally comes to its ending at the exact ending of the lunar year. With its end we moved into a new year, an auspicious year, the year of the Dragon! This daily project started in Shanghai and went to the Philippines, Xinjiang, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Switzerland, Hong Kong,  France and then back to Shanghai again to end on the eve of the big celebrations in the vibrant city.

It has been quite the journey for me, filled with inspiration, endurance, discipline, moments of joy, freedom, seriousness, quiet, chaos, new ideas, new skills, learning, contemplation, expression, art, sharing and a great new open way of looking and of seeing the world around me.

Best of all, it has been a great chance to meet so many people of like mind, wonderful photographers, inspiring artists and so many whose daily presence was interwoven into my  project and whose work and support inspired me and kept me going.

At the end of this, I want to thank you all, my friends, for being the amazing people that you are and hoping to continue this brilliant and inspiring affair with photography together along the way.

photo taken: a composite of the skyline of shanghai with the year of the dragon fireworks on the night of January 22nd.

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Thank you so much for allowing us to take this amazing journey with you! Your pictures and captions always lighten my day, and I will miss them incredibly. Your blog helped inspire me to create my blog, and for that I am so grateful. Again, thank you, and congratulations on an incredible year! 🙂

Thank you for sharing your photographs and thoughts for the last 365 days. It has been very inspiring. China has always been a fascinating country to me. As an aspiring father I especially enjoyed your thoughts on Lea. The way you described how children view the world and how adults can learn from that is simply amazing.

And here’s a funny thing, I stumbled upon your blog while searching for an image to print on a canvas for my office. We change it every year. Looks like your last photo is just perfect, the completion of your year heralds the beginning of mine.

Lex, Netherlands

I followed your posts over the last months and enjoyed it very much, the photos as well as the write-ups with it. It also gave a very nice insight in normal life in Shanghai, which is valuable for a World-citizen to be.

Thank you and may we see each other again, maybe next time in Rodenbach or in Einzig.
All the best,

Wonderful photo Mimo and I have so enjoyed this blog. Just wish I had discovered it sooner…but I didn’t join the blogosphere until the end of October 2011 so I guess I couldn’t… !

Really enjoyed following it on a daily basis. I am not much of an FBler or writer of comments. But this daily mail now belongs to my morning or evening routine when checking email. I am addicted und you must not stop or I will miss you guys and Shanghai even more! To a great artist! Hugs and kisses!

congratulations on this accomplishment! it was fun to be part of your journey and your photos are simply fantastic. xo.

Congratulations on such a beautiful project. You inspired us all not only with the wonderful pictures but also with the poetic words you used to describe each of them. I myself , love taking pictures and writing. I must start doing something with these gifts and share them like you did. Thanks for sharing your life with strangers like me! Lots of luck and please, continue publishing pictures and thoughts from time to time.


Ana Maria Camacho
(Bogota, Colombia)

Thank you very much Anna Maria for your kind words! I look forward to seeing your work too when you start. Please let me know when you do. I wil continue with a new project on February 1st 🙂

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