Day Two Hundred Eighty, October 29, 2011

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the little stranger

I like to picture my life since birth graphically as a line drawn on a globe almost like a dot on a GPS system if you want. The line starts the day I was born in the Asian continent in a small country called Lebanon and then that line goes on curving here and there, small segments at first, then they getting longer, crossing borders of countries, winding and sometimes going back to the same places and the whole time crossing with other lines of other humans. Sometimes it aligns and moves parallel to another line, like when I took walks with someone, and then splitting off to a new direction upon leaving them. And we meet so many strangers on our journey through life, some we just pass by, others we choose to be with for longer periods, and some strangers for some unknown reason, make us stop. It feels as though an exchange is meant to be had, a brief eye contact, a word, a moment shared and in my case a photo captured. And then we move on. This girl on a pavement in Shanghai just made me stop and the moment was destined to be captured and archived in my mind as very special.

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  1. I’ve been trying to come up with a comment, but the photos and your words to go with it are beyond any words that come to mind. It’s wonderful. (That’s the best I can do.)

  2. What a strong expression! And the tonality is just wonderful. A well done street photograph.

  3. You are the stranger that I stumbled upon, but I didn’t passed by it made me stop…Simply Amazing I love it…Your blog actually makes me think, am like stalking every picture and every quote…am like really grateful to stumble upon your blog

  4. I really like this photo. Photos of people are really much interesting than other types of photos.

    Could I just ask which camera you are using? I’m assuming it’s a DLSR.

  5. Your photos are really excellent! I’ll enjoy seeing your project move along!

  6. Love it. Both the photo and description.

  7. That’s a wonderful part of life, isn’t it? Meeting people.

    I love this photo.

    And thank you for subscribing to my blog!

  8. I love work, I have added youto my blogroll, is that OK?

  9. I stopped when I saw the picture because it caught my eye and then I read what you wrote. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

  10. Just came across your blog. As an amateur photographer I am very impressed with your work and your goal. Very inspiring! Excellent photography, it’s pictures like this that really speak to a person.

  11. fantastic picture – I love it. everything is perfect

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