Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine, October 28, 2011

the cookie that lived...

It is the time of year when ghosts roam the streets and demand to be fed with candy or they would scare us to death, when elves get busy making sweets and building toys for good children everywhere from their north pole workshop and when an a jolly old man in a red suit is waking up and getting ready to saddle his reindeer and to ride his carriage in the skies of the planet delivering gifts and fulfilling the lists of little children, the time when cookie people are not all just cookies. Some of these cookies will escape and go to cookie land before they get colored silly and eaten.

I love these fantastical stories we grow up with but is it any wonder our children think twice before blindly believing everything we say?

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Love the photo 🙂 For some reason all these stories scared me as a child…after all my parents told me that absolutely no one could get past our burglar alarm…so I feared the man who once a year seemed to be able to get in the house without settlng it off!

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