Day One Hundred Twenty Three, May 25, 2011

safety first, or is it?

It is strange after living in countries that put so much emphasis on traffic safety regulations, like the obligatory use of  helmets, children’s safety, seat belts…etc, to live in Shanghai and witness the loose and almost too relaxed regulations for transportation. This is of course not too alien to me, having lived my first twenty years in Lebanon where everything goes, but I still get a shock each time I see a child riding the Shanghai traffic in this way. All is left to chance, good luck and to the faith that other drivers will be careful. But there has not been a week where I did not see at least one moped, motorcycle, bicycle or car accident in the streets of the city, so there must be something wrong with this picture!

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In one of my psychology classes last year we were taught about a study which had compared the behaviour of cyclists who wear helmets, hi-visibility clothing, lights etc, with those who don’t. Interestingly enough those who did wear all the safety gear acted more recklessly and where more likely to be involved in an accident because of their perceptions of being safer! I don’t know if the same applies to countries where there are no safety rules though…

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