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Day 16~ October 16th~ Yunnan

Hani woman delighting at her little gift

After 5 days of being around these beautiful people in the mountains of Yunnan’s Honghe area, my two traveling companions and I realized that we had not seen a single other foreigner around since our arrival, and we knew that we and our ways must appear so strange to the locals. I had brought a small polaroid camera with me to offer small photos as gifts, and to my utter surprise, most of the older people had no idea that the photos were theirs. They would look at the photo after taking it from me, look at, smile and give it back wondering why I was showing them these people printed on the paper. It was so brilliant  and such a great privilege to witness a culture still separated from modernism and its grip.

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Day 1~ March 1st~ Egypt

the bakeresses

Egypt, 1996, armed with a Pentax, 36 rolls of film, a total fascination with mystery, and an eagerness to jump into the unknown, is where I first began my love affair with photography. Egypt and what lives in it gave me far more than I expected in way of impressions, awe inspiring monuments, mystery, intrigue, and a deepening in my belief that we know so little of what is still to be discovered in the history of this planet.

No matter how many books you read, how much information you gather, nothing can prepare you for your first meeting with the massive pyramids at Giza, or the tombs of the valley of the kings, or the astounding statues that still stand in great defiance of time in the temples of Ancient Egypt.

For the second month of this project I will dive back into the unknown that is ancient Egypt, through film images taken more than 15 years ago and contemplations that never lessened in intensity but have only deepened and grown.

the little carpet weaver