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Day 1~ March 1st~ Egypt

the bakeresses

Egypt, 1996, armed with a Pentax, 36 rolls of film, a total fascination with mystery, and an eagerness to jump into the unknown, is where I first began my love affair with photography. Egypt and what lives in it gave me far more than I expected in way of impressions, awe inspiring monuments, mystery, intrigue, and a deepening in my belief that we know so little of what is still to be discovered in the history of this planet.

No matter how many books you read, how much information you gather, nothing can prepare you for your first meeting with the massive pyramids at Giza, or the tombs of the valley of the kings, or the astounding statues that still stand in great defiance of time in the temples of Ancient Egypt.

For the second month of this project I will dive back into the unknown that is ancient Egypt, through film images taken more than 15 years ago and contemplations that never lessened in intensity but have only deepened and grown.

the little carpet weaver

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Another exciting adventure for all of us who follow you, Mimo, with a wonderful start. I visited a carpet weaving school in Turkey and remember the young girls weaving with such speed that the looms seemed to sing. Your photo captures that so well.

Thank you Lynn! I know, these children are incredibly skilled and fast, but it was heartbreaking for me to see child labor exhibited as a tourist attraction!

Awesome pics. You’re living another one of my dreams, being in Egypt. I’ll catch up with viewing and comments when back in my office tomorrow. Just having a winter feeling under the weather weekend here. Looking forward to seeing your adventures!

Really looking forward to seeing what you took in Egypt. I was there a mere two years ago and would love to see the different perspective that time brings. Here are some posts that I like on my trip to Egypt

I always love your stuff, it’s challenging me to up the quality of my work and to somehow figure out how to photograph people.

I can’t wait to see more. You work inspires me. I told all of my Lebanese family members about your blog, I know my Grammy will find herself in tears of joy seeing some of the ones from Lebanon. Thanks for sharing.

Aloha Mimo! Impressive photos and personal thoughts and feelings re your last 3 postings. As I examined Aida’s face etched with deep lines, I was wonder-struck. What did she look like when she was young? What were some of the trials, afflictions and hardships she endured that may have sketched some of those facial lines? And, yet beneath her weathered face, I really sensed a beautiful and gentle lady.

The pic of you leaping in the air reminded me of some wonderful dreams I had of lifting off the ground and flying. 🙂 I would guess most humans have these type of dreams.

Mimo, thumbs up on all the photos and writing! 🙂

Dear Ron, Yes so true about Aida, she was glowing with a twinkle in her eyes…
and for sure I had those dreams too, for so many years… I miss them.
Thank you again for the time you take to comment. Very kind of you 🙂

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