Day 16~ October 16th~ Yunnan

Hani woman delighting at her little gift

After 5 days of being around these beautiful people in the mountains of Yunnan’s Honghe area, my two traveling companions and I realized that we had not seen a single other foreigner around since our arrival, and we knew that we and our ways must appear so strange to the locals. I had brought a small polaroid camera with me to offer small photos as gifts, and to my utter surprise, most of the older people had no idea that the photos were theirs. They would look at the photo after taking it from me, look at, smile and give it back wondering why I was showing them these people printed on the paper. It was so brilliant  and such a great privilege to witness a culture still separated from modernism and its grip.

27 thoughts on “Day 16~ October 16th~ Yunnan

  1. No mirrors? Did she not recognise herself? How amazing that must be. I do love this ladies head dress, I could wear that working out on the farmy.. it looks warm. c


    1. I did not see any mirrors while there 🙂 I am sure the younger generation uses mirrors though. These ladies were nonstop working, from the rice fields, to building their homes, tending animals, planting, children.. you name it. It was dizzying watching them buzzing around! But you get that c


  2. Beautiful picture and beautiful words!!! I wanted to thank you for your interest in my items, she was one of the first people who decided to follow my blog and that makes me very happy! A greeting. Antonio


      1. I reciprocate the compliment, it is a pleasure for me to see her beautiful pictures that immortalize elements, people and make them so fascinating and interesting!!!


  3. What a great face. Wonderful. Was she dressed for some special occasion or is this her everyday garb. Fantastic clothes!


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