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When up is down~

Doesn’t sometimes seem absolutely mind boggling that we actually walk, talk, eat and sleep on a huge ball? And it’s spinning so fast around its axis! And it’s whirling at a stunning speed around the sun! And is part of a galaxy that’s wizzing inside space to god knows where! How can anyone be ever bored knowing this??

Day 81 of 365~

Images taken today at EKO- Haus, Japanese garden in Duesseldorf


Day One Hundredn Ninety Four, August 4, 2011

boys toys

As a mother of an only daughter, I am fascinated with the differences between boys and girls and their varying natures. From a very early age, boys seem to be more ‘on the go’. It is as though they are always late for some appointment, they want to get there faster. I am almost certain it was a man who first invented the wheel and the practical woman who showed him how it works! But yes, boys love cars, planes, motorcycles, boats, speed…

photo: Little Leo with his truck in Marienbaum, Germany



Day One Hundred Seventy, July 11, 2011

Their garden is a universe of adventure

Do you still remember the little spots you played in as a child? A garden, a little forest, a neighborhood alley perhaps? I still do, I remember the trees we climbed, the little houses we built, the small fires we made, the pretend coffees we cooked, and it all felt so huge, like our own little country where only us children could be its citizens and its residents.  I love watching Lea with her friends as they live in such worlds of their own, where discovery and adventure lives in the simple things, the things we adults step on and ignore in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I treasure these times when I can be a spy into their secret worlds, especially now that they are so used to the camera being an extension of my face that I am completely ignored 🙂

photo taken: Lea and Valerie on one of their afternoon expeditions in Shanghai


Day One Hundred Fifty Six, June 27, 2011

It's a matter of perspective

It’s a funny thing our perception of size. When we are young we perceive our parents to be bigger than life, our homes and gardens to be a large domain where we build our memories and our planet to be out of this world huge. Then we grow up, and we go back to visit our old homes, schools, gardens and we scream, “who shrank my world?”! Our perceptions have changed!

And knowing this, I made up a technique that I  called ‘zoom out’ while growing up that each time I had to face a problem, an issue that felt so big it almost crushed me. I would mentally ‘zoom out’ and pretend to view myself in my home, in my village or city, in my country, on my planet, in my solar system, in my galaxy,  spinning at enormous speeds, and suddenly, as if by magic, my problem would shrink down to insignificance and it would no longer be threatening to me in ‘perspective’.


Day One Hundred Fifty, June 21, 2011

the magic that appears overnight

They appear as if from nothing, the expand at an impossible speed and they disappear almost just as fast. Most mushrooms behave this way. They are one of the mysteries that have always fascinated me. When things appear and disappear in a short time compared to all else around them, like Native American sand paintings, that are there to serve a purpose, to deliver an essence, a message and then off they go, it is a great wonder to contemplate…

Yes, the rains have returned to soak Shanghai again after giving the Sun a very short mushroom appearance.

photo: tiny mushrooms that appeared in small groups around the grass today


Day One Hundred Twenty Four, May 26, 2011

nature's way~ a walk in the woods

Nature is to most of us a place of peace and harmony. It is so because its laws are constant, reliable, reassuring. The sun rises every day, the moon keeps its regular cycle of waxing and waning, the seasons keep their repetitive cycle, the flowers keep blooming in the Spring and the bees keep coming back for their nectar.

This sense of harmony and rhythm is soothing, pacifying, pleasing to the human soul. When we are feeling a lack of harmony, a slow walk in the forest or in a garden has a magical way of realigning us and even helping us in our decision-making process. Much I feel has to do with a slowing down that happens which allows us to be in synch with nature.

So a walk in the woods~ it can reveal so much when done at the right speed and with the right intentions.