as it should be~ New Zealand

where beauty gives you wings

where beauty gives you wings

redefining magic

redefining magic

Being in New Zealand feels as close as I can imagine a healthy planet to be. I visited and was enchanted with this beach at Karekare about 20 years ago and coming back to it now, it still is as clean, as unpolluted and as undeveloped as it was back then. What a stark contrast to the pollution we live through in a city like Shanghai, and how refreshing it is to find ourselves under big blue skies.

Merry Christmas to you all from warm and fresh New Zealand. Kiaora!




Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven, October 6, 2011


We find ourselves in a world that has more and more toxic bodies of water every year. You see a river or a sea on a hot, humid day and your first instinct is to jump in and get refreshed, but doing so in most cities might just cost you your health, life or skin! And still we go on polluting…

photo taken: a ferry between Hong Kong island and Kowloon

Day Two Hundred Nine, August 19, 2011

two trees and a friend

Seeing the state of our planet today, one cannot not be happy to see a power generating windmill! And Germany is filled with them. It is one of the first countries with a firm plan to close all nuclear power plants by the year 2022  after the Japanese disaster and survive totally from sustainable energy! Another reason to be thankful for nations that consider the future and the kind of world we plan for our children to inherit.

Day One Hundred Seventy Four, July 15, 2011

not so pretty today

This year Shanghai reached the highest level of pollution ever recorded in its history…

On days like this, the city looks surreal, almost like a futuristic movie, the kind that forecasts a not so bright future, where people have to move around with masks (as is actually the case here) and where the sky looks all kinds of murky colors. It is frightening really what we are doing to our planet, and how happily most of us seem to go about ignoring it. And Shanghai is only one of many polluted cities on our pretty blue (not so blue anymore thanks to us) globe.

Looking forward to some clean air in our the next month of travel! Greetings from Shanghai!