adapting to a changing world

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adapting to a changing world~ Shanghai

In today’s world, pollution is discussed in terms like high or low, toxic or just unhealthy, almost accepting it as a part of everyday life and forgetting to ask the basic question: why do we have to live with it?

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  2. This photo touches me deeper inside than he most of pics published in National Geographic. In a word, it’s amazing.

  3. very beautiful – great capture of the moment!

  4. Too bad that any culture has to put up with pollution. Really liked your China photos. Very nice stuff. Peace.

  5. That is a very good question Mimo… Why do we have to live with companies dumping toxic residue in rivers; entire villages dumping their trash into the “Cañon del sumidero” (A supposedly lovely site in Chiapas, Mexico)? ’cause there’s no garbage collection whatsoever for miles and miles upstream, so all the garbage is dumped in the river; why do we have to live with people dumping their empty plastic bottle, or empty junk food bag on the street (or in front of your house…) cause it’s too heavy or “dirty” to carry the empty plastic bottle or bag??? Why are most streets actual dumpsters because the local politicians have split the money – theoretically – assigned for street sweeping and cleaning? Why indeed?
    Thanks for the thought Mimo.
    Keep up the great work.
    Take care

  6. a story in every picture, very moving

  7. Yes why indeed ! Mimo

  8. Pollution is destroying our world. In Scandinavia they just talk about CO2 now, but there are so many threats to humanity and nature. It must stop. Otherwise I agree with Antolomagico, we are all part of it.

  9. The picture though makes a point about ageing as well

  10. Cos we are hipnotized mass, buying products that we don’t need, eating shit and living without rationality.

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