The Unknown Beckons~


Isn’t every moment a step further into the unknown? We think we know where we are going, we have it all planned out, then life reminds us of the futility of our false certainty. I welcome the unknown, I want to live in the joy of discovery, to be surprised by life, to meet the future with an open mind.

I took these images today at the amazing James Turrell exhibit in Shanghai.

The Enigma of Shadows~

it takes believing in fairies to see one~ Shanghai

to see fairies you must first believe in them

fellowship of the hat~ Shanghai

fellowship of the hat

talk to the shadow~ Shanghai

she had big plans

stretching the truth~ Shanghai

stretching the truth

inside the abacus~ Shanghai

inside the abacus


In the human maze

Something as simple as an obstructing the light of the sun, creates a world of wonder and a vast playground for the imagination. And shadows have a mind of their own, creating a new reality, ask Peter Pan.

Exhibition at Wallstyle Gallery, Duesseldorf


Counting down to the 8th of April and very excited to travel to Germany for my photography exhibition at Wallstyle Gallery  in Duesseldorf. It is incredibly heartwarming to see the impeccable preparation from the side of the gallery, their high standards in human dealing and their dedication and love to art.

I am also so grateful to friends who are traveling from near and far and sometimes VERY far to be with me and my family in this inspiring time of my photographic journey.

Off to the airport in a few hours, inspired, ready and happy.

Preparing for a new adventure in Doha!

It has been a while after a very eventful summer, and slowly things are settling back into a routine here in Shanghai.

Michael Kistler and I are having another go at the ‘finding yourself in the streets’ workshops this Fall with one planned for November, 2015 in Doha.

fyits workshop flyer Doha

Also I had a very exciting TV interview with MTV Lebanon this summer, you can watch it here. Be warned, it’s the usual Lebanese mix of Arabic and English 🙂

Inside the Process of Music

in a world where only music can exist-2

Have you ever been lost in the process of your art? Have you ever visited that place where time stands still and you are transported on the wings of creativity? So much peace attends this state and it is a wonderful gift to be in the presence of its happening.

Isn’t that why we chase art from place to place and beg to be in its world? in a world where only music can existPhotos are of my daughter inside the state of her music earlier this evening.



a process inside a process~ why do I edit my photos?

love is like oxygen

love is like oxygen

another year about to fly by

another year about to fly by

smiling at her future

smiling at her future

the big church

the big church

stepping into a story

stepping into a story

stretching the truth

stretching the truth

When I edit my photos, I set in motion a whole new process that allows me to see beyond the actual image. I begin to feel emotions and to imagine worlds that the image open doors to. So my initial photograph becomes a key, a starter and a catalyst to a brand new process. I leave myself open to what the moment suggests, what level of contrast it wants, what degree of clarity or blur, saturation or absence of color, and what lines to highlight, and inside of all this (which sometimes takes not longer than a few minutes), a new image is born, one that is layered with sketches of imagination and brush strokes of feeling. I attempt through that to marry the past with the now in anticipation of the art that might wish to join my future.


Wishing all my readers and subscribers a wonderful and inspired new year.

All above images were taken with an iPhone during my recent trip to New Zealand and edited with phone apps.