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Daily Coffee Talk~88/365

Hi again,

The last few days I found myself unable to write, thinking constantly of the situation in Ukraine and feeling the pain of innocent people echoing in my mind.

We must fight the low with embracing the high. If I have learned anything from witnessing the bravery of Ukrainian people, it’s that you cannot bow down to evil.

‘Saved by Art’. This phrase keeps coming up in me. It is about creating in the face of destruction. Being bright in the face of darkness and rising when all wants you to fall.

Hoping for a better, clearer, more hopeful tomorrow.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

One reply on “Daily Coffee Talk~88/365”

Understandable. I haven’t found myself able to “post” normal posts.
Only a few words stand out: “Bravery”, Art (as a savior.) I think we have talked about that.
I keep coming back to Camus…
I hear the senselessness of our European politicians. “We stand ready to rebuild Ukraine…”
Art… I have a Lichtenstein painting in mind. But it’s about war… 😩
Keep the Art alive my friend.

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