Xitang~ An Old Water Town

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A  90 minute drive from the bustling Shanghai Metropolis, lies one of several old water towns where life carries on with a completely different rhythm. Water has this way of slowing things life down to a gentle meander, and it magically transforms reality into gentler ripples of dream like visions. Blue and soft in nature, it allows for a place in oneself of deep contemplation. The old walls seem as thought they are speaking to the visitors, telling tales of times that have been and predicting the tales that will inevitable come to be.

All images taken with iphone 7, edited with snapseed.

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  1. the last one is my favorite

  2. Even I-phone pictures, still very beautiful and capturing a certain mood.

  3. Beautiful sensations Mimo. (And glad a pro like you should use an I-phone, makes me feel less guilty) 😉 Bon week-end.

  4. So beautifully enchanting my sister!

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