Mysteries are there to drive us into dreams

in the ocean of her imagination

in the ocean of her imagination

Would we want to live in a world where all was predetermined, where nothing was hidden, where the answers were handed to us at birth? I take the search and the mystery over certainty and the unknown with its myriad of possibilities over the already known. It is in the future where all adventures lie in wait.

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  1. Love the movement, the light, the headless figure.. glorious! and the words too.

  2. That’s an amazing picture! You’re really gifted 🙂

  3. wow!!
    i like so much!!
    How you make the noise?

  4. Love, love, love this! Wonderful! Blessings, Robyn

  5. Absolutely stunning, Mimo! It’s like a painting. I love this..

  6. Good image for both mysteries and dreams.

  7. Oh that’s nice, Mimo, that’s absolutely glorious – one of your best I think! And the position of the headless figure is spot on! And I love all the blurring of the water. Looking more at it, its more like an oil painting. Superb! Adrian

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