8 thoughts on “Day 20~ October 20th~ Yunnan

  1. I find this photo really moving. The face expression of that man is so full of energy, and at the same time he looks like a man that doesn’t complain and has devoted his life to keep his family (?) away from hunger. Would love to hear more about your thoughts around composition, post-processing and so on. Really like your photographic identity.

  2. Bună Mimo! 🙂 Your photographs are marvelous, I am drawn to looking at them over and over again and never get bored. I like the stories I can read in them and the stories I can only imagine. Congratulations for your work and perseverance.
    With admiration,
    Ioana, a romanian you inspire 🙂

  3. Walking up and down a mountain for one’s food, while most in the Western Nations walk to the fridge for ours. In the not too distant future, we urbanites may be forced to do the same as the sturdy and rugged Hani man!

  4. Mimo, my dear, I was amazed last your posts! You have all my respect for what you do. You are a man so sensitive and kind. Thank you so much for your posts, which urges me to meditation and be grateful to God for everything we have.
    Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Sunday! Stefania fondly! 🙂

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