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Day 11~ July 11th~ Vietnam

the celebration of food

To survive on this planet, all humans must eat. we seem to celebrate this fact by coming together socially when we eat. All over the world food seems to accompany celebrations and social gatherings. In Asia this is even more extreme. Street food is a thriving and very colorful affair that draws people together at different times of the day. Even religious holidays are now connected to food and drink. It makes sense to celebrate that which allows us life and to want to share it with others.

Photo taken: Man at a table on a Hanoi street with chopsticks and duck

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Well written and a good photograph. But I am a bit sad for the little respect for animals and birds life in some countries. And by that I don’t mean they should not eat meat, it is necessary to eat what food you have. I only mean how some creatures are treated badly. But of course, thats a different story than yours..

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