Day 8~ June 8th~ Xinjiang

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she embroiders in the sun

At an elevation of almost 3900m above sea level and close to the Pakistani border, the Kyrgyz nomadic people live in round tents called ‘yurts’ and enjoy an unbelievably clear blue sky during the dry season. They herd camels and yaks and offer the salty yak milk tea to visitors who suffer from elevation headaches. I found them to be very friendly, hospitable but extremely strong people. The sense of togetherness of their tribes allowed no intrusion from outside and they moved and thought together as a single unit with one mind. It was very fascinating to watch their behavior.

The lady photographed embroidered these colorful throws, pillows and blankets and sold them to the travelers who passed by the area and stopped at the yurts. She sat that day outside in the blazing sun surrounded by the lake, the fluffy clouds that hovered over snow-capped mountains and the great reflective waters of the karakol lake that doubled that magnificent beauty.

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  1. very colourful – great expressive eyes!

  2. Love the intensity of the colours in the rugs. And her eyes, what an expression.

  3. The colors she his working with are spectacular and stand apart from everything else in the photograph. Beautiful work.

  4. Very lovely photo, Mimo. And interesting to learn about these nomads.

  5. Another wonderful photo. I’m wondering though, why are there bars on the windows?

  6. I love this photo.. I think I watched a documentary called “The Weeping Camel” and not sure, but thought it was filmed there? I love her gorgeous stitchwork!

  7. I really like everything about this, from the colors in the foreground to the mountain in the background. And the woman’s eyes.

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