Day 7~ May 7th~ Cambodia

to each child their playground

There is a magical thing about children, which is the ability to use anything around them for creating a unique playground. I remember playing near our house in a Lebanese village jumping down a terraced field from one level to another hoping that no bones were broken, and making glue from tree sap and flower milk, and creating a small world from moss, stones and twigs. It is no different in Cambodia. I saw children creating games that fit their environment and adapting to make the most of what is available to them. The children I saw in the floating village had not heard of ipads or nintendo yet, and their fun appears to be just as great if not greater than our children’s in the west.

photo taken: boy running back on forth between the stilt raised structures in the Tonle Sap floating village


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  1. The imagination that a child has is amazing isn’t it? Beautiful photograph..

  2. just art! my opinion is unchangeable:)

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    There IS such a magical thing about children. I remember my own mud, roots and flowers and their endless concoctions…I would love to hear what you remember from your childhood playground?

  4. I remember my dirt and twigs too.

  5. Fabulous image…I saw some young boys playing football on a very similar structure..The game was about 10 percent football… 90 percent was laughing, diving & swimming….they were having a GOOD time…..

  6. Great capture. Wonder if it will not be even better in pure monochrome, the green filter is distracting the superb subject.

  7. Children are very creative, more than even adults… There is so much that we can learn from observing them… Thanks for sharing such inspiring journeys everyday:-)

  8. It’s not only amazing the things children can invent for playtime, but also how children with less are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of playtime or spending time with others . I cringe when I see siblings not even talking to each other because they are so engrossed in their iPad or video game console.

  9. What a wonderful image! Lovely silhouette. So true that as kids we all use our imaginations to explore any environment….I remember climbing scaffolding and getting shouted at by the residents…..I remember thinking ‘but what am I doing wrong?’ haha. No concept of danger back then, only adventure!!

  10. this one is superb, hopefully they will never be sucked into the cyber world and will continue to play! c

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! The playfulness, light, color tones, it is perfect. I know I don’t comment everyday, but I am loving your series. Amazing images, experiences, and thoughts, Mimo

  12. You’ve really captured the magic here with your composition and tones. REally beautiful image. Gallery ready.

  13. way better for him than all the ipads and nintendo’s in the world Mimo.. I love the lighting in this and he is poerfaectly placed in the frame..

  14. Wonderful photo and commentary. Great point about children playing – it’s natural – part of life – thus with too much available to the children in the west, I know it brings new ways to play, but is it in the same natural joy as this?

  15. Awesome photo and interesting writeup as always! Cambodia just seems like a place with unlimited photo opportunities anywhere you look. Very interesting there

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