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Daily Coffee Talk~ 61/365

I am still traveling through favorite moments in photography today and these images stand out.

During my travels through Yunnan, I often had a Polaroid camera with me to make instant photographs of people and mostly the children that I could offer to them as small gifts.

This process caused a huge amount of joy and fun at the surprise of seeing their images appear as if by magic and at times like this as in the second photo, an attack of little people trying to get their hands on the magical device, my Polaroid camera 😂.

But as a traveling street photographer, this is a great way of bringing the distance between you and local people you are meeting for the first time and trying to photograph them in a short time window.

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Day 7~ May 7th~ Cambodia

to each child their playground

There is a magical thing about children, which is the ability to use anything around them for creating a unique playground. I remember playing near our house in a Lebanese village jumping down a terraced field from one level to another hoping that no bones were broken, and making glue from tree sap and flower milk, and creating a small world from moss, stones and twigs. It is no different in Cambodia. I saw children creating games that fit their environment and adapting to make the most of what is available to them. The children I saw in the floating village had not heard of ipads or nintendo yet, and their fun appears to be just as great if not greater than our children’s in the west.

photo taken: boy running back on forth between the stilt raised structures in the Tonle Sap floating village



Day One Hundred Seventy, July 11, 2011

Their garden is a universe of adventure

Do you still remember the little spots you played in as a child? A garden, a little forest, a neighborhood alley perhaps? I still do, I remember the trees we climbed, the little houses we built, the small fires we made, the pretend coffees we cooked, and it all felt so huge, like our own little country where only us children could be its citizens and its residents.  I love watching Lea with her friends as they live in such worlds of their own, where discovery and adventure lives in the simple things, the things we adults step on and ignore in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I treasure these times when I can be a spy into their secret worlds, especially now that they are so used to the camera being an extension of my face that I am completely ignored 🙂

photo taken: Lea and Valerie on one of their afternoon expeditions in Shanghai

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so little can be so much- rain in Phnom Penh

Yesterday I was about to leave the guest house in Phnom Penh to make my road trip to Sihanoukville when suddenly the sky opened its floodgates and within minutes the streets in Phnom Penh were transformed into brown swimming pools.

I was standing there with 2 cambodian boys trying to help me with my bags, holding an  umbrella and hugging my camera and laptop bag praying they or I won’t fall into the spontaneous river when I heard squeals and laughter coming from the left. I looked and there they were, kids jumping, swimming, floating happily on garbage bags!

They looked so carefree and so happy, it was hard not to start laughing and to stop minding the prospect of going waist deep into the brown cool waters. So we did, the boys and I. We shuffled our way through the water to the taxi waiting at the end of the street where the water was a bit shallower.

But not before I snapped 3 pictures risking my 7D in the pouring rain 🙂