October 365~ Looking back~ Shanghai~ Hong Kong~ Macau

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  1. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!! I used to live in Hong Kong so I especially like this post. 🙂

  2. Excellent and beautiful shots! I love your composition…

  3. such an nice photo, really amazing!!

  4. How lovely to look at your images. Love your work.

  5. These are all fantastic!! Well done!

  6. What a wonderful collection! The sleepy chicken vendor, the boy with his shadow on the cloth, and the cookie are unforgettable!

  7. Your deep interest in everything comes sharply through in your photos. It takes a lot of concentration to really look and for one to do it with such varied subjects is astounding. Amazing body of work!!!

  8. Nice collection you have here 🙂

  9. really great work mimo!

  10. Impressive!! Simply Impressive!!

  11. Excellent work Mimo! Very well done!

  12. Mimo, thank you for capturing so much of the in’s and out’s, the glitzy and the private, the intimate and the removed. Such wonderful peeks and also the drawing back and looking from a distance. I liked that you captured a great deal of the ordinary. You even got a cookie dough man. Got to smile at the cookie dough man 🙂

  13. This is what you call Art! and this is what you address to as SIMPLY AMAZING!

  14. I make a bow.. congratulations!

  15. so many great shots Mimo…

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