Day one~February 1st~Lebanon

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transparent secrets

Welcome to the start of a new journey, a journey through images, words, ponders, musings, stories, and moments.

I begin the first month in Lebanon, a tiny country whose heart pulses on the shores of the beautiful Mediterranea Sea, and whose veins throb with history and with tales of passion and of wars, a place that is so painfully beautiful it can make a strong man cry.

Yes, I must start there, in the place that witnessed my first breath, my first tears, my first laugh, my first dream, my first inspiration and my first love. And it is the place that holds the richest of my childhood memories as well as the most terrible of nightmarish secrets. Those secrets I will keep in the walls of its old cities, and only tell you of the beauty and of the wonder that is Lebanon.

And this world, in its most kind and generous way, gives me an extra day this year, a 29th day of February to tell an extra story.

Let the journey begin…

summer butterflies

photos: an abandoned home in Douma, a small mountain village and summer butterflies in the field of the cedars mountains in North Lebanon.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I am Lebanese as well, and even though I was only a little kid when I lived there for a year, these bring back and sharpen fond but hazy memories – thank you!

  2. LOVE the butterflies, Mimo, a wonderful and extremely unusual picture! Adrian

  3. Bon voyage to your new 365. 🙂

  4. A fabulous start to another series – Lebanon is such a wonderful place, but seen through your lens it’s extra special. Cheers!

  5. So after a wonderful 365 day project, we now get a 365 Best-Of from your archives? Sounds like heaven!

  6. wonderful pictures, i like this mild light

  7. What a fantastic idea to start where it all began.. beautiful shot of the butterflies! c

  8. Ahalen wo Sahalen! Welcome to Lebanon! but maybe you should have saved the best for last…? 😉

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