Day Two~ February 2nd~ Lebanon

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born into faith~ boy in mosque door

In Lebanon, ‘non-religion’ is not recognized by the state. Being familiar with Lebanon, it is totally understood that it is so. Religion is in every grain of sand and in every handful of soil  there and the word ‘God’ is somehow slipped into every conversation. You hear things like “allah ykhallik, (may god keep you)” for “please”, “allah maak”(god be with you) for “see you later”, “iza allah bireed”(god willing) for “maybe”… I can literally count hundreds of these expressions. Religious references go as far back as the epic of Gilgamesh from the Mesopotamian mythology, biblical references to the cedars of Lebanon, among others.

With a majority of various sects of Christians and Moslems currently in Lebanon as well as Druz, it is almost a given that people will guess your religion from a combination of your last name and your village or city quarter. Despite all that, you grow up in Lebanon with deep friendships and ties across the religious boundaries that no war or schism can tarnish. True Religion causes humility in people and I never tire of seeing it translate into genuine smiles and deep penetrating eyes.

faith lives there~ two nuns at a greek orthodox church in Batroun

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  1. Lebanon is just a fascinating place . The more I read about more intriguing it becomes for me.

  2. A human being is a human being – regardless of belief, skin color etc.

    beautiful post

  3. I am really enjoying this new series, Mimo. 🙂

  4. I visited that region and Israel in 1989. I love seeing these photos and reading your words.

  5. Beautiful moving photos and words of understanding.

  6. great Mimo, beautiful words and pictures!

  7. Beautiful images to go with these profound and powerful words. So filled of hope!

  8. oh this series is going to be great! Already i am learning new things.. c

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