Day Three Hundred Thirty Two, December 20, 2011

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the shortest of days

The longest of nights, the shortest of days, the herald of rebirth, the winter solstice is upon us. Our planet is reaching its maximum axial tilt to our star, the sun and after this day it begins to reverse its course towards longer days and shorter nights. This time of year is so auspicious when we think about it, when we pull ourselves away from thoughts of the man in the red suit and what he has in his bag for us, or what damage we have done to your credit cards because someone said we had to. It is a time of magic, of rebirth, of new beginnings and of witnessing a greater power at work, a power that is in the business of creating and engineering planets, suns and stars…

have a wonderful winter solstice my friends.

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  1. Very beautiful, Mimo, truly beautiful. Adrian

  2. Christmas and bokeh were made for each other.

  3. hehe.. short nights, long nights and again and again this happens every now and then…
    and how many of us will be left to sense the next short night 🙂

  4. Did you have dumplings to celebrate?

  5. Is it that time already? Thank god! such a relief, now more light will come! c

  6. thanks and same to you and kin!

  7. I love how you mentioned magic. Even with knowing all that happens and basically why, there is still something magical about the way nature works. And I love how you mentioned planets, suns and stars. Carl Sagan would be proud. 🙂 And Happy Solstice to you. 🙂

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