Day Three Hundred Thirty One, December 19, 2011

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her spirit life

The life that runs free, the journey that seeks the unknown, the lightness that is bound by no gravity, the dreams that shape themselves from the threads of the future, the spirit that flies on the wings of her mind, her spirit life…

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  1. Excellent picture, Mimo, wonderful atmosphere and extremely well titled! Adrian

  2. simply beautiful … text and image ! thanks for sharing

  3. I like how you break ‘rules’ to make a fantastic shot.
    This could be an illustration from ‘Abhorsen’ by Garth Nix

  4. She does, she does look like a spirit child running with a wolf! c

  5. Dear Mimo,
    not only do you make beautiful atmospheric pictures, but also you create beautiful writings !! The combination of the two is fantastic !!! Sometimes moving, sometimes interesting, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes magic, …..
    You are doing a wonderful journey.
    With great endearment for you and your work

  6. I love this. The words, the image… love it. β™₯

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