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Day Two Hundred Ninety Nine, November 17, 2011

the pastel generation

The new generation, what words can we list to associate with their day to day domain at this time in history? I did this exercise with myself naming some words that come to mind from the top of my head: social media, games, electronics, texting, computers, television, movies, ipads, ipods, iphones, virtual sports with Wii…

These things they take with them everywhere, they communicate through them, they find their identities with the help of these gadgets and they have become an integral part of the life of a modern young person. And then I thought further and realized that they are all boxes of some sort, small screens that draw the eyes and concentration of a person in and holds them there. So they are boxed in almost oblivious to the world around them and I remember very clearly that for us it was never really like that. Where are we heading? How virtual is our world going to get? Are we going to box ourselves in deeper and deeper? Then the word zombie came to mind (which might have to do with my Lea showing up today with a collection of zombie cards out of the blue!)

By ~mimo~

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Its true! Its scary to think of it. We are living our life in boxes just thinking of ourselves, who likes us and who’s page to lurk at… so on and so forth. Many times I am very glad I do not have a facebook page because I would be doing the same.

I ponder similar thoughts about smart phones, so-called social media, etc. Interesting way to put it — boxed in. How true.

Great image to go with your thoughts. 🙂

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