Day One Hundred Seventeen, May 19, 2011

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Where to set our standards?

I write and I muse a lot about the question and fact of choice. Today, was no exception. I was looking at things from the angle of standards. We are given almost complete freedom as humans to choose how we align ourselves and what standards we set for our lives. Where do we draw that line? What in life falls below our standards? How firm are we about the line of separation of what we allow into our lives and what we deem unfitting to enter into the inner sanctum of our personal temples. In this defining line I find a safety, a protection and a promise to myself that I do respect my life that I was given. And in our ‘modern’ world today, nothing is more difficult than keeping high standards

photo: barbed wire, Dongchang lu, Shanghai

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  1. Wow,,,, so Cool…

  2. I love the way the barbed wire splits the shot, and that blue is so strong and vibrant, nice shot 🙂

  3. Mimo,
    I love this one! Your words rings so true to my heart..:)

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