Day Thirty Nine, March2, 2011

the magic of light

Light is one of the most precious gifts we are given on this planet freely. Its source is constant never missing a beat. And then the light itself is so magical, ever changing, twinkling silver at dawn, intensifying gradually till its peak time, then gradually getting into its glowing gold phase when all is still in reverence of its majesty.

As a photographer you fall passionately in love with light, you look for it, you anticipate it, you wait for it, you flirt with it, and then and only at the right moment you capture it and merge with it..

And when the moment is right, you just know it, your heart beats faster, your hand tremble and you know right there that the light has granted you the honor of being with it. It is these special moments that define the highlights of a photographer’s journey…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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