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Day 9~ November 9th~ New York

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Below these cranes, so much history was written. The Brooklyn Navy Yard, first started functioning in 1806, was most active during world war II, when more than 70,000 people were employed to make the battle ships of the American navy. It was very impressive to look into this historical place and imagine what it would have been like during the time that the whole place was buzzing with workers burning the midnight oil.

lebanon life Photography

Day Four~ February 4th~ Lebanon

Sidon sea castle built by the Crusaders in 1228~ South Lebanon

Possibly the oldest and first metropolis of the Phoenicians, the ‘traders in purple’, the inventors of the first known alphabet from which all other alphabets were derived, inventors of the precious purple dye from the murex shell used for royal clothing, the founders of the kingship of city states called Canaan, Sidon is known to have been inhabited since early prehistory, since pre-pottery times. In Phoenician times and since around 2000 BC, it became the home of the priestess Ashtart, goddess of the Sidonians, and Eshmun, god of the Sidonians.

The very rich and complex Phoenician history in Lebanon is a fascinating area of research for Lebanese and international historians and archaeologists alike. So many civilizations were still to pass through and leave their marks and their scars on this little country, but the Phoenician culture is what resonates most where the Lebanese culture is concerned.

riders of the seas~ a detail of a ship carved in stone ~ Tyre, south Lebanon



Day Two Hundred Seventy, October 19, 2011

time, the elastic mystery

As a photographer, you hone your perceptions on the relationships between light, speed, and movement. And it is so thrilling when we can create an image that is a record of something that normally cannot be seen. We can slow down time, freeze it and record movement in a way that paints a fantasy, like the 2 giant cargo ships in this photo that passed by as a ghosts leaving only light trails.


Thinking of all these relationships makes me think funny enough of fairies. It has been said that fairies appear to us as sparks of light because they move at a much higher speed than we do. So, maybe this is a good place to start thinking about this, photography and fairies, yes, why not?

photo taken: the view of the Huang Pu river from my balcony that I never get tired of looking at.


Day Two Hundred Fifty Three, October 2, 2011

alone in the rain

I wonder what life is like for a man working in the sea, to have the earth shifting beneath you constantly, to have long hours of alone time between sky and water, to rarely experience stable ground, to be exposed to the elements day in and day out, to become intimately familiar with the movement of sun, stars and moon and to know the real joy of loneliness…

photo taken: Man on a boat docking in the rain in a harbor in Hong Kong