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We are born alone~

According to the most recent statistics, there are 7.6 billion people living on the earth today. Absolutely none of these people shares your fingerprint or DNA structure. How incredible is that?!

Finding someone to share your beliefs, likes and dislikes would seems like an impossible achievement! Part of me believes it should be that difficult. Each difference of opinion matters because it makes me question mine and either reject my own after long consideration or become even more steadfast in my beliefs.

Day 62 of 365~

Image taken yesterday after a brief snow storm in Düsseldorf

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Chance or destiny

The ones we connect with
The ones we connect with~ Shanghai

On a planet of over 7 billion people, we end up connecting with a minute fraction of humans throughout our lives. The parents we are born to, the family around us, the friends we make at school, the spouses we end up with and a handful of others along the way. Is any of it destined? Do events lead us to meet who we were meant to meet or is it all random? Do certain people sing our tune? Is chemistry involved? Are there invisible silver threads between us and a few others?

Another piece fo the fascinating puzzle we call human life…

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The faceless drivers of Shanghai’s growing economy

Worker in the streets of Shanghai
Worker in the streets of Shanghai

Shanghai has recently been one the fastest growing economies in the world with yearly growth percentages measured in double digits. In this city of now over 23 million, it is the migrant workers who drive the whole giant machine forward and through it all remain faceless…


Day Two Hundred Fifty, September 29, 2011

the future under a red umbrella

The world seems to be waking up to a new dawn, a new reality, a new arrangement. One quarter of the world population lives in China and speaks Chinese. As the red dragon awakens, it spreads its wings wider and wider to cast its reddish shadow on parts of our world. Whether this is good or bad, whether we like it or dislike it, it remains an irrefutable fact. And the way of the red umbrella is discipline, repetition, dedication, an unwavering focus, a unified goal, all pushing in the same direction, which begs the question, is this the natural human way?


Day Eighty Eight, April 20, 2011

One fifth of humanity lives here

Almost 1.4 billion humans live in China. This is almost 20% of the whole world population. It baffles the mind to think of it. I come from a tiny country of 4 million so these numbers take a lot of getting used to. There is so little space allotted to the majority of Shanghai’s 18 million residents, that they find themselves needing to extend their space to the street. Washed laundry hangs on pavements all across the city streets, so do lounge chairs and dinner tables in the summer time. This makes street photography such a fantastic exercise in this amazing city where the unusual abounds.