Chance or destiny

The ones we connect with

The ones we connect with~ Shanghai

On a planet of over 7 billion people, we end up connecting with a minute fraction of humans throughout our lives. The parents we are born to, the family around us, the friends we make at school, the spouses we end up with and a handful of others along the way. Is any of it destined? Do events lead us to meet who we were meant to meet or is it all random? Do certain people sing our tune? Is chemistry involved? Are there invisible silver threads between us and a few others?

Another piece fo the fascinating puzzle we call human life…

6 thoughts on “Chance or destiny

  1. yes there are, i do believe there are silver threads, sometimes they take a long time to find or come across or reel in ..but they are there lovely.. good morning mimo, i hope all is well in your world.. c

  2. Nice writeup and good questions, each with philosophers on opposing sides of debate.
    I’m thankful for every one I’ve met and for every experience. Awesome photo Mimo

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