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A Pause to Look Behind the Curtain~

The reset button was pressed, the world is taking a moment, the birds are singing loudly, the trees are not shy to dance in the wind freely, the skies are crisp bright blue, the clouds have more definition and the sun is shining ever more brightly.

As we find out lost time gifted back to us, the usual that we normally filled our time with somehow does not fit anymore. It is as though our software received and is receiving an update. New applications are needed, with new language and upgraded aims and intentions. What are you doing with your new time? Maybe like me you are finding yourself diving into new territories or seeing the old ones with a brand new light?

Where are you traveling to in your mind now that physical travel is no longer an option? Have your dream patterns changed? Do you feel the buzz in the air, the loud silence of something else making itself heard?

For the first time in a long time kindness is celebrated on the news channels! Stories of good deeds are main headlines. Is this planet earth? Is life winning in spite of death?

Something is connecting us all like never before. Do you feel it?

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Closer to the sky~

somewhere near the sky~ Karakol

Somewhere life goes on, just simply, disconnected from our worldwide web. When you have the universal web of sky, sun, stars and earth, why would you downgrade to the contaminated world of Social media?

Day 52 of 365~

Image taken on the Karakoram Highway, old silk road, Xinjiang.

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Quietly They Toil~ Yunnan

The tug go venture into new territory~ YunnanTobacco road~ Yunnanthe strong backbone of the working man~ Yunnanthe loads we carry~ Yunnanspinning tales over gernerations~ Yunnanfield of dreams~ YunnanFarmer in the fog~ Yunnan

For some of us here on earth, the day begins and ends with physical work, and that brings a simple satisfaction of a hard-earned existence. Every working face I saw during my travels in Yunnan was always ready to break into an unapologizing smile; they possessed a contentment that can be forgotten to us in our boxed offices and multiple screens facing us every waking moment. They commune with nature, the wind, the elements, the land and that rewards them with a sense of belonging. They remember that they are earth dwellers and that simple truth is their fountain of wisdom.

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Calling Home

The option to connect is there, at every moment
The option to connect is there, at every moment

For it to work, we must pick up the phone
For it to work, we must pick up the phone

We struggle all our lives to achieve higher understanding, to get closer to the truth, but most of the time we fail to make the first step.

Photos taken in Shanghai, at the Power Station of Art.

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Chance or destiny

The ones we connect with
The ones we connect with~ Shanghai

On a planet of over 7 billion people, we end up connecting with a minute fraction of humans throughout our lives. The parents we are born to, the family around us, the friends we make at school, the spouses we end up with and a handful of others along the way. Is any of it destined? Do events lead us to meet who we were meant to meet or is it all random? Do certain people sing our tune? Is chemistry involved? Are there invisible silver threads between us and a few others?

Another piece fo the fascinating puzzle we call human life…

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Day Three Hundred Five, November 23, 2011

plants and a smile

We live at a time where most people have broken their connection to the land. What I mean by that is the connection that is born out of planting your own food, getting your hands dirty with soil, spending time daily in your garden, sleeping under trees, hunting for your food, the way humans were meant to be. In our so called ‘modern’ world some of our children grow up believing that eggs are born in  supermarkets and vegetables in freezers, cans and bags. It is a pity that, because every single time I see someone who gets their hand dirty with earth, a huge smile tends to come with the job. Even as babies, we loved to dig in the sand or dirt, and as toddlers we wondered at the magic of a green plant emerging from the soil. Is it natural to be away from that source of happiness as adults?

Just a ponder from a 16th floor apartment missing the smell of the earth.


Day Two Hundred Twenty Six, September 5, 2011

Hello cow!

I arrived in Geneva today after long long hours on the plane and the first thing I felt like doing was to feel the land. I drove around the country side for more than one hour until I felt like stopping and I stopped on a dirt road where this cow was grazing with her cow friends. It is amazing how you can connect to the land and to a place through its nature and what lives in it. It is a clean connection, a silent greeting, a moment of quiet observation, and of just being with something. And the cows are a great and respected ,symbol in this land of cheese and chocolate. This lovely cow welcomed me today 🙂


Day Two Hundred Twenty Five, Septmeber 4, 2011

walking tall

When you live like me in a city like Shanghai, a city of 18+ million people, something strange starts to happen to you, you start walking the city walk. This used to happen to me also when I lived in New York City. What I mean by the city walk is walking a bit like a zombie, not seeing people, not looking into their faces, not really acknowledging them. It is a very unfortunate result of city living. But when you carry your camera around all day, you sometimes see, really see people, your eyes meet, you connect to them for a moment or two, a human connection, and you stop for a second to have awe and fascination, like I did today. I saw a worker at the end of his work day walking tall, walking proud, walking happy and walking alive. I was very glad I ‘saw’ him.