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Day One Hundred Twenty Four, May 26, 2011

nature's way~ a walk in the woods

Nature is to most of us a place of peace and harmony. It is so because its laws are constant, reliable, reassuring. The sun rises every day, the moon keeps its regular cycle of waxing and waning, the seasons keep their repetitive cycle, the flowers keep blooming in the Spring and the bees keep coming back for their nectar.

This sense of harmony and rhythm is soothing, pacifying, pleasing to the human soul. When we are feeling a lack of harmony, a slow walk in the forest or in a garden has a magical way of realigning us and even helping us in our decision-making process. Much I feel has to do with a slowing down that happens which allows us to be in synch with nature.

So a walk in the woods~ it can reveal so much when done at the right speed and with the right intentions.

Day Seventy Seven, April 9, 2011


If you speak to anyone who has expatriated in Shanghai, they will tell you how much fascination their children draw from the locals. They would not hesitate to take your baby out of the stroller to check them out, to touch your child’s hair, marvel at their ‘big’ nose, to giggle at them, and if they were blond then they are the real superstars. I found that Chinese people love children in general and show so much care and warmth when dealing with them as if they value them to the extreme. Lea has been living in Shanghai since she was 2 and is by now used to the attention and sometimes basks in it a bit too much:)

This photo was taken today on a beautiful Spring afternoon in Fuxing Park. I had so many photos from today that I could have posted that it was impossible to choose without help (thank you Tufic).

Day Thirty Two, February 23, 2011

A new China bursting with color!

When you live in China you cannot miss the explosion of colors that are a staple of the new China. After so many years of grey clothing and a muted and sheltered life, China finds itself open to the world and to the whole spectrum of color!

Chinese people love lights, fireworks, and color. They use it generously in all possible combinations defying all of fashion’s so called rules.

This little girl I met today at a park outside of Shanghai while on a photography trip!

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