Day Seventy Seven, April 9, 2011


If you speak to anyone who has expatriated in Shanghai, they will tell you how much fascination their children draw from the locals. They would not hesitate to take your baby out of the stroller to check them out, to touch your child’s hair, marvel at their ‘big’ nose, to giggle at them, and if they were blond then they are the real superstars. I found that Chinese people love children in general and show so much care and warmth when dealing with them as if they value them to the extreme. Lea has been living in Shanghai since she was 2 and is by now used to the attention and sometimes basks in it a bit too much:)

This photo was taken today on a beautiful Spring afternoon in Fuxing Park. I had so many photos from today that I could have posted that it was impossible to choose without help (thank you Tufic).

By ~mimo~

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Great photo. I am very guarded about my personal space and that of my children. I would have extreme issues adjusting to a culture where it is common to just walk to a stranger’s child and touch them without permission. Kudo’s to you for embracing and your daughter for embracing the culture you are in.

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