Day Two Hundred Twenty Five, Septmeber 4, 2011

walking tall

When you live like me in a city like Shanghai, a city of 18+ million people, something strange starts to happen to you, you start walking the city walk. This used to happen to me also when I lived in New York City. What I mean by the city walk is walking a bit like a zombie, not seeing people, not looking into their faces, not really acknowledging them. It is a very unfortunate result of city living. But when you carry your camera around all day, you sometimes see, really see people, your eyes meet, you connect to them for a moment or two, a human connection, and you stop for a second to have awe and fascination, like I did today. I saw a worker at the end of his work day walking tall, walking proud, walking happy and walking alive. I was very glad I ‘saw’ him.