Day Two Hundred Twenty Five, Septmeber 4, 2011

walking tall

When you live like me in a city like Shanghai, a city of 18+ million people, something strange starts to happen to you, you start walking the city walk. This used to happen to me also when I lived in New York City. What I mean by the city walk is walking a bit like a zombie, not seeing people, not looking into their faces, not really acknowledging them. It is a very unfortunate result of city living. But when you carry your camera around all day, you sometimes see, really see people, your eyes meet, you connect to them for a moment or two, a human connection, and you stop for a second to have awe and fascination, like I did today. I saw a worker at the end of his work day walking tall, walking proud, walking happy and walking alive. I was very glad I ‘saw’ him.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Mimo – absolutely right! But its not only in cities, many people walk without seeing at all. They are looking, glancing, but they are not seeing. It takes effort to see, but its worth it. Good picture! FATman

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