Day 1~ November 1st~ New York

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the high line~ NYC

This month’s images will present a stark contrast to those of last month. During the month of November I will revisit the magnificent city I called home for more than 15 years, the place where I began to independently refashion my life to who I am today. Once you have lived in New York, any New Yorker will tell you, the city tends to haunt you forever. To the city that never sleeps then…

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  1. I walked the High Line on a rainy day. The good part of the uncomfortable weather was that there were few tourists on the line. I was surprised by how many plants and trees were planted there; they’ve done quite a beautiful job.

  2. “the lucky one”
    love you Mimo:)

  3. It is often something we miss to see every day and this is why I love the perspective and the detail in this shot

  4. yes indeed.. this will be quite, quite different..

  5. And I look forward to your perspective! 🙂

  6. Great photo. I can’t wait to see your month of New York. Let’s hope their clean-up and recovery doesn’t take too long.

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