Day 28~ December 28th~ Guilin

idolized by the people

idolized by the people

What is it that makes us humans want to idolize someone and hold them high, look up to them, attribute super powers to them and be completely subjective about the whole affair? We do it with sports teams, with movie stars, with religious leaders and with politicians. Or do we sometimes do it from a sense of obligation or pier pressure?

Day Sixty One, March 24, 2011

If only statues could speak...

I walked with Lea this afternoon in different Shanghai streets and ended up in Dong Tai Lu, the antique street market. It is a street that is a must see, but not necessarily buy in when in Shanghai. Thousands of different so called antiques fill up the streets where vendors are extremely friendly and lovely to deal with. We saw these statues that tell a story of parts of the historical events that China has gone through. I have never lived anywhere as enigmatic as China. There are so many levels yet to understand and so much history to wrap my mind around. I love this place.