Day 28~ December 28th~ Guilin

idolized by the people

idolized by the people

What is it that makes us humans want to idolize someone and hold them high, look up to them, attribute super powers to them and be completely subjective about the whole affair? We do it with sports teams, with movie stars, with religious leaders and with politicians. Or do we sometimes do it from a sense of obligation or pier pressure?

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  1. I feel that humans naturally obsess, whether it is over a TV show or infatuation. Maybe this something of a grater degree of obsession.

  2. In some places, if you fail to idolize the human, you are on the fast track to death for being a traitor.

  3. Perhaps human nature need to believe that divinity can exist even among human beings.

  4. Good question. I wish I had an answer. Abdication of judgement?

  5. or sometimes we just don’t do it at all… we are all one..

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