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Day Two Hundred Fourty Two, September 21, 2011

the state of the artist

When the world quiets down, when the mind expands, when time gains elasticity, when the hands buzz and tickle, when peripheral vision activates, when a strange kind of awareness attends you, when you become so focused on the task at hand, when you are transported to a dimension you can only call ‘other’, when you feel the process of being a vehicle for art, an instrument of art, when ‘you’ step out of the way for ‘it’ to do its work… then perhaps you are living the state of the artist.

photo taken: a man sketching in the very busy yu gradens in shanghai totally unaware of the chaos around him.

Day Two Hundred Twenty Two, September 1, 2011

more than just a shadow

Most of us live in this world that we are born into with most of our attention focused on the events that directly touch our lives. What is close to us and what will influence us directly is what ends up hoarding most of our care and attention. It is only in rare moments that we extend ourselves and our minds to other realms and ponder the reasons why we are here and what will happen when we go. And what would our journey here have added up to? Will it add to the furthering of our universal journey or are we just more shadows drifting by?

Day One Hundred Eighty Eight, July 29, 2011

Abou Naiim's daily walk

In a magestic valley that crosses the mountain ranges of Northern Lebanon runs a river all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is called among other names ‘the valley of the saints’, because nesting on its sides and in its caves are hundreds of tiny monasteries and churches, each with its own story to tell. I was on a hike in the valley when out of the lush trees near the river an old man appeared. He carried his bag of green beans and told me his little story. He walks every day for hours from his home in the mountain village to the depth of the valley to tend his little garden; he does not know his age, but he remembers that he was born around the time a wonderful political leader lived. He carried on and on about his first love, the woman who has haunted him all his life and was the reason he never married again. He was on his way to take the ‘loubieh’ (green beans) harvest to her. It is the least he could do he said, because it makes her happy. He has nothing else to offer her, and to his embarrassment not even a car, and that breaks his heart. But he still manages to give her his best, the fruit of his hard work, his wonderful home grown green beans!

the hands of time

Day One Hundred Forty Seven, June 18, 2011


human eyes

It has been said that all creatures that have eyes, have a soul. Maybe that is why we don’t think twice about cutting flowers and eating plants, but we flinch each time we see any little animal or human being butchered, well at least most of us do. And the eyes radiate the truth. How often do you hear someone saying “look into my eyes and tell me again that you don’t love me” or something  to that effect. The eyes are able to convey what the face is trying to hide. So many times we see smiling faces with sad eyes, or little children with ‘old soul’ eyes. And yes, the eyes can radiate and we feel it especially if strong emotions are being expressed, like love or even hate, and that is when we say ‘eyes can kill’.  The eyes, another human mystery…

photo is of the beautiful blue eyes of Valerie, my daughter’s friend who agreed to model in exchange for some sweets 🙂

Day One Hundred Twenty Eight, May 30, 2011

a tribute

In America, this day was dedicated to remembering and honoring all that have sacrificed their lives and died in the war serving their country. Lives have been lost on this planet ever since the very first battle, the first conquest, the first struggle for control. And what a pity. How amazing it would be if humans could live together, work together, struggle together all for the search of what is better, what is higher, what is good..

This image is a tribute to all blood lost that could have been otherwise spared.

Day One Hundred Twenty Seven, May 29, 2011

no bug is safe from their curious little fingers

Recently there has been a growing and intense fascination with the small worlds of little creatures in our home. Every day, Lea makes sure she has a little cup or container that she takes to school with her just in case a bug of some sort shows itself that day. Then after school she makes plans with her friends to meet outside and search for  more bugs. They collect boxes to make homes for them filled with soil, leaves, straws in case they need to breathe and they are of course given names. I had to join the search party today and it was amazing to see how different life is when you force yourself to see the small worlds, the places inside the grass, between flower petals, in the soil, under rocks… it is a whole universe waiting to be discovered. I love the curiosity of children and their persistence at finding what they are searching for. So our bug fact books are out and we are ready for the summer adventures to come!

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