Day One Hundred Forty Seven, June 18, 2011


human eyes

It has been said that all creatures that have eyes, have a soul. Maybe that is why we don’t think twice about cutting flowers and eating plants, but we flinch each time we see any little animal or human being butchered, well at least most of us do. And the eyes radiate the truth. How often do you hear someone saying “look into my eyes and tell me again that you don’t love me” or something  to that effect. The eyes are able to convey what the face is trying to hide. So many times we see smiling faces with sad eyes, or little children with ‘old soul’ eyes. And yes, the eyes can radiate and we feel it especially if strong emotions are being expressed, like love or even hate, and that is when we say ‘eyes can kill’.  The eyes, another human mystery…

photo is of the beautiful blue eyes of Valerie, my daughter’s friend who agreed to model in exchange for some sweets 🙂

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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