Day One Hundred Twenty Seven, May 29, 2011

no bug is safe from their curious little fingers

Recently there has been a growing and intense fascination with the small worlds of little creatures in our home. Every day, Lea makes sure she has a little cup or container that she takes to school with her just in case a bug of some sort shows itself that day. Then after school she makes plans with her friends to meet outside and search for  more bugs. They collect boxes to make homes for them filled with soil, leaves, straws in case they need to breathe and they are of course given names. I had to join the search party today and it was amazing to see how different life is when you force yourself to see the small worlds, the places inside the grass, between flower petals, in the soil, under rocks… it is a whole universe waiting to be discovered. I love the curiosity of children and their persistence at finding what they are searching for. So our bug fact books are out and we are ready for the summer adventures to come!

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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