Day One Hundred Seventy Nine, July 20, 2011

the world is giant playground

The fields are so much richer in impressions than television, the forests are so much prettier than video games, the bugs are so much more interesting than electronic toys, the smells of nature are so much more intense and more pleasant than plastic smells of toys made in factories, the air is so much more invigorating than that of stagnant indoor playgrounds and rooms… and the amazing sense of discovery, the joy of learning about something new on their own, the impressions the self made adventure leaves on a child’s mind, that’s priceless. Yes to playing outdoors!!

photo taken: during a two hour excursion with Lea and her cousins in the German countryside

Day One Hundred Seventy, July 11, 2011

Their garden is a universe of adventure

Do you still remember the little spots you played in as a child? A garden, a little forest, a neighborhood alley perhaps? I still do, I remember the trees we climbed, the little houses we built, the small fires we made, the pretend coffees we cooked, and it all felt so huge, like our own little country where only us children could be its citizens and its residents.  I love watching Lea with her friends as they live in such worlds of their own, where discovery and adventure lives in the simple things, the things we adults step on and ignore in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I treasure these times when I can be a spy into their secret worlds, especially now that they are so used to the camera being an extension of my face that I am completely ignored 🙂

photo taken: Lea and Valerie on one of their afternoon expeditions in Shanghai