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Where has all the Faith Gone?

elementals-myanmarwhere-has-all-the-faith-gone-myanmarbelieving-in-magic-myanmar7582df32-b71b-42b8-a035-d85207a4890dWhere is our religion?

Is it in the temples of Asia, or the mountain churches of Lebanon, the faraway tribes of Africa, or the monasteries of tibet? Is it in mosques? Is it with soothsayers? Is it with the self proclaimed healers and seers? Is it in the holy cities of our world? Is it in the secret science labs? Do our world leaders possess it?

Or is it inside each one of us waiting to be touched?

wonderings of a searching mind…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Faith has not gone anywhere – it’s still the force that takes us out of our beds each day.
A searching mind will find out that each and every individual has a unique faith.
Faith can be anything that is capable of helping us against the uncertainty. We stay alive until we believe in something – we die either when we stop believing or when our body stops believing in us 🙂

It is in our hearts. The rule-makers, priests, and leaders have traded their faith for power. We can no longer follow those who recite old rules to ensure their power. We can no longer follow those who make new rules to ensure their power. Our faith resides in ourselves. We must be strong enough to realize our own strength.
Beautiful post. Thanks,

Quite a question, my searching friend. No answer.
Sometimes I think he may have just abandoned us. For being too stupid a species.
Sometimes I think (even wrote a short story about it) that God is a prisoner somewhere. I hope he escapes soon. We could use some help down here. 🙂 Especially for the children.
I think of your daughter. I think of my grandson. I remember the eyes of the Syrian refugees you portrayed…
Good questions are those with no easy answers, right?
Prends soin de toi et des tiens. (If you remember a bit of French) 🙂

Your work is very beautiful! You capture the numinous – the divine. Your question inspired a little contemplation on my part, and I have the beginnings of an answer. 🙂 Religion is in the eye of the beholder, the priests and pages that hold its dogma, and the rigid rules of worship their respective members are told to follow. You can tell I am not too much in favor of religion! I should be more precise: organized religion. Now, if I may change the word ‘religion’ to ‘connection to source’, or some other similar term, the possibilities become vast. That is when I reach your last sentence, “Or is it inside each one of us waiting to be touched?”, and I say “Yes!”

Mimo, if the Creator-God is not part of one’s life-style and devotional life, then that individual has no, so-called “religion”. For the most part, “religion” is a system of beliefs based upon some “truth” mixed with “lies’ and “tradition”.

One must be convinced there is a Creator-God who can communicate with the creatures he made. And, it’s the duty of each of us to search for him. One can find this Creator-God in the bible who revealed himself to certain individuals and a particular people.

It is not a religious book – it’s a life-style based upon certain laws that will bring peace, justice, righteousness and truth to the world. Eventually, these qualities and concepts will become a reality. That is my firm conviction, belief, and faith. Peace and blessings to all.

Afterthought : I like to point out, that those laws mention above in last paragraph are from the finger and mouth of the Creator as recorded in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Peace Hon!

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