Day 26~ August 26th~ Boracay

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lost inside his music

It was dusk, that magical time when day surrenders itself to the mysteries of the night in a golden embrace, a storm was approaching, the wind was starting to gain speed, people were shuffling about to get to the shelter, but the boy and his guitar were completely lost inside a piece music that had to happen. I walked past him but he did not see me, I photographed him and he was completely unaware. He was floating inside of his art.

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  1. lovely story with this image..

  2. Excellent image and words, Mimo! Adrian

  3. What a beautiful and evocative image, Mimo – you captured his moment perfectly!

  4. Beautiful photo, Mimo.

  5. Musicians are my favorite to photograph on the street. Your words and image work together to form a song.

  6. The boy has become his art at that moment.

  7. Perfect mood to create music!

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