Day 30~ April 30th~ Congo

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till we meet again

Another month of blogging comes to a close, the journey back to Congo, the beautiful children, the fantastic sense of hope and resilience, the bright faces, the humanity that I experienced in that war ridden part of Africa is over with this post. But it goes on in me, it never stops and it pulls be back always to revisit it, to never ever forget.

Thanks to all who followed, commented, encouraged, shared, critiqued and thought about Congo this past month. I hope that by more good people thinking and being aware of what goes on in that part of the world, more can somehow be done to change it. As they say, the first step in helping something is being aware of it.

Tomorrow I start a new month of a totally different nature. Stay tuned!

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    Definitia Prieteniei Dezinteresate… No words Included…

  2. Amazing series, Mimo. Your images run the gamut of emotions, all of them very powerful in their message.

  3. What a wonderful series, Mimo – aesthetically beautiful and emotionally powerful. Thank you.

  4. This has been a wonderful series, I am sad to let them go, you are right. they have such bright faces even in despair.. c

  5. Thank you, Mimo, not only for the photos and notes, but generally for turning our eyes to Congo!

  6. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. They have been very powerful and moving

  7. Hey Mimo, I’m new as a follower to your blog, but I thought I’d nominate you for the Sunshine Blogging Award. If you’re interested, check out my blog to see what it’s all about. If not, I’m glad to send a few of my readers your way.

    • Thank you very much Dave! Much appreciated and I keep telling myself to take time and do something with the awards. I will do my best. The fact that you are giving it tells me you received it, so a huge congrats to you 🙂

  8. It has been a roller coaster month Mimo.. for us and I’m sure for you. Such heartrending images..

  9. Another wonderful addition. I look forward to the new location tomorrow.

  10. Thank you for a wonderful month and look forward to many more!

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