Day Two Hundred Seventy One, October 20, 2011

sampling the merchandise

Go to any Ikea store in China and you are guaranteed to find at least 10 people (I have once counted over 50 people) sleeping, lounging, chilling with shoes off, reading books, listening to music, on the sample furniture. They appear to come for their lunch breaks and just really shut down and take a rest ignoring all the noise of shoppers around them. I am still not sure how to process this behavior, but at the moment all I can say is that I wish I was that free πŸ™‚

photo taken: man fast asleep, he wouldn’t have woken up if you sat on him, in the newly opened giant Ikea shop in Pudong, rumored to be largest in all Asia.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hilarious! I’ve gone to the Ikea in Beijing twice already. These are some reasons why the Chinese love Ikea so much (according to a Chinese friend):
1) $1 ice cream cones
2) cheap and somewhat tasty food court (excluding the “Swedish” meatballs, but they dig the flag that pokes out of the mashed potatoes)
3) you can nap like the man in your photo
4) cheap furniture
5) $1 ice cream cone (yes I had to repeat it)
6) delicious chocolate

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