Day One Hundred Sixty Three, July 4, 2011

the small worlds are exquisite

With Lea’s growing and intense fascination with the world of bugs during the last months, I have been finding myself almost daily with my nose to the ground in search mode. When you shrink yourself and force your perceptions to go smaller to enter that world, you become more and more intrigued by the beauty and wonder of it all. You become sensitized to little creatures and start to see them everywhere, and they are so fascinating! How can anyone not gasp at the skill displayed in the crafting of a spiderweb? They are so exquisite, so fine, and so delicate. I just hope she won’t bring the spiders home in her little box too! I love to watch them, from a little distance 🙂

photo taken: a spider and his web over a stream with pebbles

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  1. I photograph primarily the native plants of Texas, but there’s hardly a plant I look at that doesn’t have a little creature or the trace of a little creature on it. There’s a lot to see when you get close.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. nice picture…

  3. Nice shot, I like the abstract colours and shapes of the background.

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