Day One Hundred Fifty Eight, June 29, 2011

chill skill

Did you ever entertain the thought of taking out a lounge chair, carrying it out to the pavement of a busy street of an densely populated city, opening it up and stretching there to chill? Chinese people baffle me with their ability to just let it all hang for a half hour when they need a break, as if they have an on/off switch and they can just power off to recharge just about anywhere!

For me to take a nap, I need to have the right pillow, one of the 4 on my bed, not the one that’s too hard, or the one that is too feathery, or the kind of not so comfy one, I need the one in between and I know exactly which one it is. The noise levels have to be close to mute, and the temperature of the room has to be right. I have to be wearing no constricting clothing items like socks and the other stuff women wear and I need to silence all my phones and deal with any pending issues that might keep my mind active and stop me from relaxing into a nap… how complicated is that?? In the meantime, the locals are dozing off on the pavement, in the bus, on restaurant tables, on shop counters, and in the middle of loud and hectic traffic!

By ~mimo~

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I have to admit I’m one of those people with an on/off switch. I work nights and while the work at nights is physical work, it’s well within my “comfort zone”. I’ve always commented that working nights is relatively easy, it’s sleeping in the day which is difficult.
However, sometimes it’s not possible to have enough sleep during the day, when this happens, I just put my head on the table in my lunch hour (12.30 – 1.30am) and catch a few zed’s then. The game machines will be going, people will be playing pool, chatting and laughing and I will be asleep. I’m not the only one, it happens all the time. When lunchtime is over, someone will wake you up and you go back to work.

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